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Welcome Wallhamn vehicle converters on Tjörn! As one of the leading vehicle builders in the Nordics, we develop, refine, and customize vehicles for professional use to meet the needs and requirements of our customers. In close collaboration with our customers, we find the right solution to adapt vehicles into the necessary tool needed in supporting professionals in their daily work. Whether it's pulling power lines, delivering construction materials, or transporting goods.

We understand that functionality of the vehicle is both important and sometimes directly decisive in choosing the right model or build. Many of our customers and dealers also choose to store ordered vehicles with us at Wallhamn before they are delivered and put into traffic.

Our responsible sales representatives and work managers have years of experience and with their help and advice we guide our customers towards a tailored solution that meets their specific needs.

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Vehicle conversions and car interior design for service vans and transport vehicles

Our experienced team specializes in building everything from flatbeds, box bodies and tailgate lifts to cranes, electrical systems, hydraulics, winch installations, heaters, and interiors.
Our absolute priority is to meet our customers' needs with what is required in the environment the vehicles will be operated in, whether it's country roads, off-road, or both.

We're happy to help find the right type of car interior for your transport, delivery, or service vehicle. Quality in both contact and construction always leads us to the right build in the end.

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The environment is important to us at Wallhamn and we always strive to choose the most environmentally friendly options, not only in our own production but also in the purchase of the right materials, where we also aim for as little environmental impact as possible.
Strong, durable, and lightweight materials result in lower fuel consumption, which benefits both our customers and the environment!

Everyone is welcome to our vehicle converters at Wallhamn

No customer is too big or too small for our vehicle converters! Among our customers you'll find most of the major power and water companies, but also medium-sized and small businesses. Everyone is welcome to our vehicle converters at Wallhamn!

The interior of a professional vehicle can differ quite a bit depending on your needs during a workday. We help you choose the right interior, whether you are a carpenter, electrician, plumber or technician at a power company.

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With our vehicle converters at Wallhamn you get

  • Quality in both customer contact and construction
  • Adaptations to your specific needs
  • Environmentally friendly and long-term economical alternatives
  • The vehicles can be stored in Wallhamn before delivery

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