One Stop Shop

Welcome to a complete "One Stop Shop" facility

We at Wallhamn are proud to offer the automotive industry's the most complete One Stop Shop facility, all within one company.

Below we explain more about how our One Stop Shop solution frees up time and resources for our customers in a sustainable way.

One Stop Shop - a complete facility

Wallhamn AB takes care of and offer all services that the automotive industry or the customer may need at only One Stop, without costly relocations and risk of damages.

We offer a business model with cost-effective solutions and the convenience of achieving all related services and needs that you would otherwise need to procure in several places. Everything aims at one and the same goal - to free up time and resources for you in a sustainable way.

With us, you can also feel safe with the fact that the compound and facility is camera-monitored with physical guard patrolling and well fenced with a transit barrier at the fence boundary. Careful control of entry and exit to the facility is carried out.

This is how our One Stop Shop facility works

Interested in what One Stop Shop means in practice?
Here we tell you more about what the flow looks like at our facility and what services we can help you with.
Take a closer look at our Flow chart One Stop Shop.

  • Vehicles arrives and are unloaded at terminal, moved to first point of rest within the compound.
  • Forwarding department, services within customs trade – a single point of contact
  • Arrival inspection - checks that the goods are in the intended condition. Any deviations are documented.
  • Handling of insurance matters at the customer's request.
  • Sheet metal and lacquer handling based on Cabas (insurance company tool) calculations.
  • PDI preparation: the vehicle is treated according to the customer's specification.
  • Handling COC documents on behalf of general agents
  • Modern washing plant that handles all types of vehicles.
  • Vehicle storage with a system-integrated Stock Maintenance program, brand unique.
  • Delivery service and all types of accessory installation, such as towbars, fuel heaters, auxiliary lights, and electrical heaters.
  • All types of campaigns, whether factory or service related, including software updates.
  • Anti-rust treatment facility for rust protection as a complement to performed factory treatment
  • Sun filming and decaling.
  • Complete charging park of 86 parking places with both 1-phase and 3-phase charging.
  • Fleet Management handling of new vehicles. Full preparation on Rental Cars ready for delivery.
  • Machine PDI on larger machines.
  • E-85 conversion on fuel vehicles.
  • Gas Conversion (CNG)
  • Sweden's leading bodybuilder of professional transport vehicles, everything from interior design to cabinets / flatbed assemblies, tailgate lifts and crane assemblies.
  • Inspection facility approved by Svensk Bilprovning, where we take care of registration inspections and individual approvals.
  • ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, ISPS, AEO license, QVM Ford.
  • Transport booking to dealerships, alternatively end customers.

Welcome to contact us, and we will tell you more about how we work and how our One Stop Shop solution can make it easier for you as a customer!

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