About Wallhamn

Vehicle Port, Inspection and Workshop

Every week, ships arrive at Wallhamn to load or unload cars, trucks, buses and industrial machines. With an ideal location, close to road 169 connecting Tjorn with the mainland and E6, Wallhamn is a significant hub for import and export of vehicles in Sweden.

The combination of vehicle port and inspection/car workshop is unique and means that we ensure vehicles are inspected and made ready for delivery to the Swedish market as soon as they roll ashore. Our organization makes it easier for us to fulfill our promises of short lead times, high security and delivery precision.

The history of Wallhamn dates back to 1965 when Olof Wallenius, Bengt W. Törnqvist and Lars and Wilgot Johansson founded the port. Today, Wallhamn AB is the 11th largest port company of the 52 members of Sweden's Ports and Sweden's third largest vehicle port. Wallhamn AB has an annual turnover of 240 million SEK, of which Car Builders, PDI and DS account for the largest part and the rest is generated by port operations. With 170 permanent employees and about 150 hourly employees, we are the largest private employer in Tjorn municipality.

Om Wallhamn