Quality, Environment, Sustainability

A few examples of what we do to reach our goals

  • Creating a safe, secure, and equal place to work whilst minimizing our environmental footprint by for example using HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) to run our machine park in the port
  • Striving to lower our environmental impact by continuing to electrify our own vehicle fleet, offering our customers onshore power supply, and bunkering of LNG
  • We offer the greenest logistical flow from Europe with the least transportation of our customers property
  • • Through our digital work with SMART calls at the port for optimal use of resources, making the transport chain more sustainable with positive effects on the environment, people and the economy

Wallhamn AB is working daily with sustainability and quality in everything we do according to our vision and mission statement:

”Our Vision - We are the market's role model in a sustainable way”
”Our Mission - We free up time for our customers”

A big step towards reaching our goals is our certificates in quality and environmental work which we achieved and maintained for 20 years. We are AEO-authorized and hold a QVM certificate as a qualified vehicle modifier to Ford.

To actively work with continuous improvements and a proactive approach to everything from

  • work environment for our employees
  • a continuous work to maintain high quality in our services
  • to reduce our environmental footprint

are all important pieces of the puzzle contributing to the overall goal and result.

We strive towards efficiency in our work, where communication and enabling time for both our customers and for our colleagues is central.
We also expect our suppliers and collaborative partners to live up to the demands that we ourselves have on our own business and work.

Visiting address

Vallhamns Hamn
471 93 Kållekärr


+46 304 67 99 00


LAT 58º 01´
LONG 11º 42´