Dealer Service

Custom Vehicle Solutions with Dealer Service

Our Dealer Service can be described as the retailer's delivery workshop. Here we create a setup that is often unique and tailored to each individual retailer working with us, both for vehicles arriving via the port and also transportation via gate. With long experience and extensive technical knowledge we perform work on both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

With our Dealer Service you have the simplicity of ordering everything in one place and work which is both cost-effective and professionally performed. Since all work is performed at the same facility there are no unnecessary and costly movements minimizing the risk of damage.

In Wallhamn's Dealer Service workshop various types of accessories such as trailer hitches, engine heaters, and other devices ordered by the general agent/retailer are installed. Our offerings also include for example body claddings, sunfilming, alarms, light bars, seatheating, tiremounting, balancing, and four-wheel alignment.

Long experience and cost-effective quality solutions

We want to be the obvious choice when it comes to Dealer Service and serve as a complement to the retailer's own workshop. Therefore, we offer cost-effective quality solutions with the same guarantees and delivery precision as the in-house workshop.

On our setup area, there is also the possibility of storing cars until delivery, which saves space for the retailer and streamlines deliveries to end-customers.

With Dealer Service from Wallhamn, you get...

  • Delivery workshop with tailored arrangements for you as a customer
  • Long experience and extensive technical knowledge
  • Custom and cost-effective quality solutions
  • Opportunity for storage until desired delivery
Wallhamn Dealer Service

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